What Can You Expect? 

Bible Basics Online is a digital version of the class we teach three times a year.  We understand that circumstances and schedules can in person learning a challenge. Here are some of the highlights of this course:

  1. Short videos and downloadable workbook. We can mail the workbook if you don't have access to a printer.
  2. 10 Lessons that cover the basics of what the Bible teaches. 
  3. Work at your own pace
  4. No previous Bible knowledge necessary.
  5. Easy to sign up and track progress
  6. Review quizzes
  7. Chance to contribute to our short video answer catalogue (see below, basically, email or text questions and I'll answer them with short videos. Hopefully, over time, we can get a catalogue of frequently asked questions! And you can help us create that resource by asking questions!
  8. Online doesn't mean alone! We are working with you track progress, answer questions, encourage and touch base as you go through the course.  

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Frequently Asked Bible Questions

(video responses below)

if you have a question that is not on the list, just email pastor@eternalrock.org

  • Isn't the church full of hypocrites? 
  • is the Da vinci Code Real?
  • Did Cain have to Marry his sister?
  • Can you still be a believer and believe in Evolution?
  • If God knows all things, why did he let Judas Betray Jesus?
  • Other ?'s  Just email pastor@eternalrock.org

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