WELs Front Range Coed Softball Tournament

Great to have you here. You will find links and cancelation notices if necessary. 

Tournament Basics

June 17, 2017 (Always Father's Day Weekend)

Mandatory All-player meeting

(8:45am for 9:00am games)

9:45am for 10:00am games)


Firestone Regional Sports Complex

6850 Tilbury Ave, Firestone, CO 80504


$150 or $125 before June 1


Carbon Valley Lutheran's Teen Group will offer very affordable food and drinks

Schedule: HERE

Rules: HERE

Basics Summary:

Pitches 6-12 ft

Need 8 players to start or end game

Must have at a minimum of 3 girls on the field at a time

Batting order must go: guy, guy, girl (essentially 2 orders, so you will not always follow the same person)

55 minute games

Bats must be stamped ASA or get approval from tournament director (for cheap bats that were not tested)